Gorry Holdings

Integrated health-tech venture

with machine learning & big data capability

GorryWell is a leading integrated data-driven nutritional solution and lifestyle guidance. We deliver personalised recommendations on where to eat, what to eat, and what portion based on your health biometrics. You can also have an online consultation with certified nutritionists for specific health conditions. GorryWell has enriched the lives of its users by validating over 10.000 recipes from 500 restaurants, and delivered more than 15.000 hours of nutritional consultations.

Available on : GooglePlay and AppStore

Gorry Gourmet

Gorry Gourmet is GorryWell’s own healthy food brand. Partnering with the best kitchen hubs in Jakarta, Gorry Gourmet provides a tantalizing array of menus created by world-class chefs tailored to your specific health biometrics and health goals. We deliver positive impact to our customers, with a total of 15.000 kilograms of weight lost, 7.000 kilograms of muscles gained, and handled more than 5.000 special needs cases, such as people with diabetes, stroke, cancer, and pregnancy.

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