About Gorry Holdings

A pioneer health-tech player in South-East Asia with major focus on analytics, machine learning, and big data capabilities. We aspire to help Indonesians live healthier with our technology platforms, GorryWell, Helopt and Gorry Gourmet.

William, Co-Founder, CEO

A former management consultant who spends 100-hour work weeks, who has experienced first-hand the importance of wellness to maintain performance and productivity. After experiencing first hand the difficulties of maintaining his health, William felt that Indonesia is in a dire need of a healthcare reform, moving from the curative aspect of health to the preventive. His vision is translated into Gorry Holdings and its products which provides monitoring tools to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent the onset of disease in the future. We believe that these tools can be an effective solution to solve a vast array of health problems for Indonesian people.

Herry, Co-Founder, DG CEO

Hailing from the city of Medan, Herry began to realize the standard of living, especially in the health aspect is still quite low in a megacity like Jakarta. His years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry also made him realize that the awareness for a healthy and balanced diet is still not at the top of mind. This problem motivates Gorry Holdings to strive at the pinnacle of innovation when it comes to awareness regarding diet and nutrition. The technological advancements has made information and services in health, food, and lifestyle accessible to the Indonesian market. These innovations are just a small part of what Gorry Holdings will deliver in the future.

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