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Fueled by the vision, Gorry Holdings never cease to innovate, making us the pioneer of data-driven health and wellness platform and leading clinal meals provider through:

Gorry Gourmet is the Holdings’ online healthy food catering, delivering gourmet meal perfected with strict nutritional approach tailored to customer’s health goals or clinical conditions. First established in 2014, Gorry Gourmet has delivered more than 1 million meals, handled 10.000 clinical meal cases, with a strong wellness community of 130.000 members.

GorryWell is your personal wellness assistance, designed with 1 principal in mind, “what’s healthy for us may not be healthy for others”. Thus the application provides tailored recommendation based on user’s biometrics. GorryWell also provides a platform for employee wellness program, providing companies with in-depth insight on how employees are doing and what could be improved.

Through Gorry Gourmet and GorryWell, Gorry Holdings constantly answer
the challenges in health and wellness. These are our current programs:

Employee Wellness Program

Holistic wellness program for employees, encompassing activities such as health workshops/seminars, fitness classes, medical check-ups, 1 on 1 nutritional consultations, with individual health biometric tracking using the GorryWell app, and supported by healthy menus from Gorry Gourmet.

School Wellness Program

The student version of the Wellness Program, the program encompasses more or less the same elements as for the employees, but with slight changes to focus on increasing the awareness on healthy lifestyle and productivity levels of students, ranging from pre-school to high school.

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Meet Awesome People
The founders of Gorry Holdings

William Susilo

Co-Founder & Chairman

An experienced management consultant who spends 100-hour work weeks, has experienced first-hand the importance of wellness to maintain performance and productivity. After experiencing first-hand the difficulties of maintaining his health, William felt that Indonesia is in dire need of a healthcare reform, shifting the perspective from the curative to preventive aspect of healthcare. His vision is translated into Gorry Holdings and its business lines which provides holistic solutions to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent the onset of disease in the future. William believes the solution that Gorry offers can be an effective solution to solve a vast array of health problems experienced by the Indonesian people.


Co-Founder & CEO

Hailing from the city of Medan, Herry began to realize the standard of living, especially in the health aspect is still quite low in a megacity like Jakarta. His expertise in the Food & Beverage industry also made him realize that the awareness for a healthy and balanced diet is still not at the top of mind for most people. This problem motivates Herry to strive at the pinnacle of innovation when it comes to awareness regarding diet and nutrition. Gorry Holdings’ technological advancements have made information and services in health, food, and lifestyle readily accessible to Indonesians. These innovations are just a small part of what The Holdings will deliver in the future.

Mentors and Strategic Advisors

Jeremy Lim

Partner and Head of Healthcare & Life Science Practice at Oliver Wyman Asia Pacific, Member of Advisory Board of Indonesia International Institute of Life Science.

Julianto Sidarto

Former Managing Director at Accenture ASEAN, Commissioner of XL Axiata, Advisor at Pelindo II,
Go-Jek & ACE Hardware.


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